Business Law

We provide a wide range of services for businesses, entrepreneurs and shareholders. Some of these services include:

  • Business Start-up. There are many steps involved in starting a business. We assist you in taking these steps correctly, to avoid future problems and expense, and will advise you regarding business structure, legal and regulatory requirements, and recommended practices.

  • Business Sales and Purchases. Business sales and purchases are among the more complex transactions that many business owners will engage in. We can accompany you in the course of completing these transactions, beginning with contractual agreement that defines the parties’ rights and obligations, and ending in a successful closing. 

  • Commercial Leasing. When entering into a commercial lease, whether you are the landlord or the tenant, you need to be aware of how costs are allocated, what additional obligations may arise and how disputes may be resolved, among other issues. We can advise you in respect of these issues, in the course of preparing, reviewing and negotiating the lease agreement.

  • Shareholder & Partnership Agreements. It is important to identify and allocate rights, obligations and expectations among shareholders and partners. Shareholders and partnership agreements are critical to addressing these issues and planning for the future. We can help you plan, develop, and negotiate these agreements.