Family Law Mediation

Mediation is a voluntary dispute resolution process.  If both parties agree to attend mediation, the mediator assists them in trying to reach a settlement, which will then be incorporated into a separation agreement.

Our family law mediators are trained to handle all types of family law disputes, including custody, access, property division and support.

Benefits of mediation include:

  • Less expensive than traditional lawyer-to-lawyer negotiation and litigation
  • Settling your case out of court allows parties to control their own separation process
  • Reducing conflict between the parties
  • Helps foster a positive, long-term resolution between you and your spouse.

If mediation fails, then the parties will either need to resolve their disputes by way of traditional negotiation with lawyers or a court action, which both tend to be more costly and stressful on the parties.

Costs of Mediation
Initial Intake: $150.00 per person
Hourly: $300.00/hour ($150.00 per person/ per hour)
Half-day (3 hours): $800.00 ($400.00 per person)*
Full-day (7 hours): $2,000 ($1,000.00 per person)*
Preparation of Separation Agreement: $1,750.00 ($875.00 per person)

*each additional hour billed at hourly rate of $300.00 per hour

Contacting Our Office
If you and your spouse wish to participate in mediation, you must each schedule an intake with one of our mediators.  The mediator initially meets with each spouse separately to understand his/her concerns, hopes and objectives.  This initial meeting assists the mediator in designing the settlement process.

The cost of the intake is $150.00 per person.  After both parties have attended their intake, the mediator, in consultation with both parties, will decide when and how best to structure the mediation.

Consultations can be scheduled by contacting Eva Medeiros by phone at 416-536-4445, ext. 1 or via email at We look forward to meeting with you.