Family Law

Family law issues are often sensitive and complicated, affecting nearly every aspect of your life. Outside of the loss of a close family member, there are few things more emotionally trying than separation and divorce. When you and your family’s well-being is at stake, it is vital to work with a knowledgeable lawyer invested in your case’s outcome.

The family law team at Ferreira & Bettencourt, LLP understands the emotional and often painful toll that separation or divorce proceedings can have on your life. We are here to help. We use our wealth of experience to assist our clients going through the complicated process of divorce or other family law disputes. We can do this through traditional litigation or creative solutions such as mediation.

Family Law Services Your Family Can Trust

When working with the Family Law team at Ferreira & Bettencourt, LLP, you quickly find confidence in our ability to secure a swift and fair resolution. We utilize our skills, expertise, and sensitivity to protect your interests, advocate for your position, and achieve a lasting resolution that centers on your family’s well-being now and in the future. Our knowledgeable leadership and legal experience are qualities you can count on to protect your family’s future.

We offer in-depth representation services in numerous family law cases, including:

  • Custody
  • Access
  • Support
  • Property division
  • Divorce

In addition to assisting you with separation and divorce, our lawyers can also represent you in other aspects of family law, like the negotiation of cohabitation agreements and marriage contracts.

Discover Peace of Mind During Your Divorce or Separation

At Ferreira & Bettencourt, LLP, we make it our mission to enable our clients to move forward with confidence. By providing them with the information and guidance they need to make well-informed, practical decisions, families we represent discover what rights and options they have and how their choices impact future outcomes. Our team of lawyers strives to make the process of divorce as uncomplicated as possible for our clients.

You deserve peace of mind. Our firm helps you achieve it by thoroughly explaining the complexities of your family law matter and your options to make informed decisions even in the most stressful situations. This endeavour on our part makes it possible for you to reach a reasonable and feasible resolution. Only when negotiations fail is when we recommend aggressive litigation.

Our Toronto lawyers are experienced litigators and accredited mediators, providing a broad range of solutions to any family law dispute.

Toronto Lawyers Who Understand Family Law

Our lawyers at Ferreira & Bettencourt LLP work toward a final resolution that allows you and your loved ones to move on from this challenging time in life toward a brighter future. Clients who trust us with their delicate family law matters choose our firm for several reasons, such as:

Affordable Family Law Representation in Toronto

Our experience, combined with our commitment to resolving all of our family law cases swiftly, will ensure you can avoid many unnecessary costs. We have all heard the stories of individuals becoming financially crippled following a divorce or separation. Our goal is to carefully guide you through this process to make informed decisions about your future while avoiding needless confrontation and fees.

We provide limited scope retainers and unbundling of legal services on a case by case basis to allow clients more affordable options to resolve their family law dispute.

Collaborative Approach to Family Law

If you are experiencing family issues requiring the services of an experienced family law lawyer, consider our firm first. We have relationships with dedicated divorce coaches, financial advisors, child specialists, and mediators who can assist you during this challenging life transition.

Should your needs go beyond Family Law, we have additional lawyers available to assist you with other areas of law, including:

  • Business
  • Real estate
  • Will and estate administration

We are here to help you continue planning for your family’s future after your divorce.

Going through the stressful events of divorce, separation, child custody, or support negotiations can make life seem hopeless. The Ferreira & Bettencourt, LLP team can help change this attitude and empower you with clear explanations of your rights and legal options to assist in making the best possible choices for your family during this challenging time. You can rely on our 25 years of experience to guide you through the family law system while vigorously protecting your rights and interests.

Our lawyers at Ferreira & Bettencourt LLP work toward a final resolution that allows you and your loved ones to move on from this challenging time in life toward a brighter future. Clients who trust us with their delicate family law matters choose our firm for seve


Family Lawyer Services

  • Contested and uncontested divorce
  • Annulments

  • Custody
  • Access
  • Mobility rights
  • Grandparent access rights
  • Step-parent adoption
  • Motions to change

  • Child support
  • Spousal Support
  • Dependent support claims

  • Property division (Equalization of Net Family Property)
  • Tracing of Hidden Assets or Income
  • High net worth divorces
  • Investigations regarding spousal businesses and assets
  • Tracing hidden assets and fraud
  • Financial considerations for second marriages
  • Financial considerations for business owners

  • Litigation, including appeals
  • Motions to Change (changes to existing orders)
  • Urgent matters and emergency motions
  • Restraining Orders

  • Hague Convention and international child abduction
  • International adoption
  • Inter-jurisdictional and foreign matters

  • Mediation

  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Marriage Contracts
  • Separation Agreements

  • Common-law issues
  • Legal research and opinions

All of our family law services extend to same-sex relationships and marriages.